Distinguishing Hilarious from Funny

Hilarious vs Funny

The English language contains numerous words to describe something or someone that amuses and makes us laugh. Funny and hilarious are two such words frequently used to depict a picture, event, or object that elicits laughter. We might refer to a television commercial as funny and humorous or use the word hilarious to describe something extremely funny. So, what is the difference between hilarious and funny? Are they merely synonyms, or do the words encompass more than initially apparent? Let’s explore further.

Funny originates from the word fun, and anything providing fun is considered funny. When you read a comic strip and find it amusing, it prompts laughter. Similarly, you laugh when you see or hear a funny remark. A funny person, situation, remark, scene, episode, story, or anything that amuses or makes us laugh can be described as funny. Here are some common examples of sentences using the word funny:

• She spoke in a funny manner
• He made a funny remark at the party
• The movie was really funny from start to the end

Funny can also be used in alternative ways, such as describing something amiss, suspicious, odd, or curious.

• Do not act funny with me, young man.
• Do not forget to tell the funny sensations you have in your stomach.

Hilarious is an adjective used to describe a situation, person, incident, or object causing great merriment or amusement. Humorous cartoons and stories are often referred to as hilarious. The word has many synonyms, including funny. When describing a comedy film, hilarious is frequently used to refer to the comic situations created. The term is used when someone or something is very funny. If you leave a theater and tell your friend the movie was hilarious, you are conveying that it was extremely funny.

Key Takeaways

  • Hilarious and funny have the same meaning, but there appears to be a difference in the degree of funniness.
  • Something is funny when it makes you laugh, but it becomes hilarious when it is extremely funny.
  • Something funny will make you laugh, while something hilarious will make you roll on the floor and laugh uncontrollably.
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