Distinguishing Hip Hop & Ballet

Hip hop and Ballet are two popular dance styles in the world, both featuring narrative-like dancing. These styles involve turns, jumps, balanced movement, and synchronization with their respective music.

Key Takeaways

  • Ballet is a formal dance style that originated in Italy around the 15th century, while hip-hop is a street dance that emerged in the Bronx, New York in the 1900s.
  • Ballet requires years of disciplined training to master the techniques and precision, whereas hip-hop can be learned in just a few days or months.
  • Aspiring ballet dancers need to be slender, small, and flexible, while there are no specific body requirements for learning hip-hop.

Hip hop began in the 1900s when young people in the Bronx, New York, started dancing to hip-hop music on the streets. This event marked the beginning of modern hip-hop culture, which is also heavily influenced by MC rapping and break dancing. The distinctive and captivating moves of hip-hop include locking and popping in harmony with the music, as if the beats are flowing through the dancers’ bodies.

Ballet is a formal dance style that was first introduced in Italy around the 15th century but is considered by some to have originated in France, as the French are the innovators of the contemporary ballet we see today. Ballet movements are elegant, poised, and flexible. The dancers must execute their movements with 100% precision, as even a simple flick of a finger conveys a specific emotion.

There are notable differences between hip hop and ballet. Ballet dancing requires slender, small, and flexible dancers, while anyone who can move to hip-hop music and perform basic popping and locking movements can learn hip-hop. Hip-hop can be learned casually, while ballet must be studied in a ballet school. It could take just a few days or months to learn hip-hop, but years of disciplined training are needed to perfect ballet techniques and polish precision.

Ballet attracts fewer people, often those with family members who were great ballet dancers, due to its strict training and years of practice that require patience not everyone possesses. Hip-hop is becoming more popular among young people because of its cool music and movements that make others say “wow.”

In summary:

  • Ballet is a formal dance style, while hip-hop is a street dance associated with break dancing.
  • Mastering ballet techniques and style takes years, while learning hip-hop can take only months or sometimes weeks.
  • There are no specific body requirements for learning hip-hop, but aspiring ballet dancers must be slender, small, and flexible.
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