Distinguishing Indie & Boho/Bohemian Styles

The indie and boho/bohemian looks have inspired many girls, teenagers, and women to adopt these fashion styles. Those who appreciate these looks often use their fashion sense to create a more unique or personalized version.

The Indie Look

The indie look combines handmade pieces and pre-owned items to create an eclectic and indie outfit. Indie fashion is comfortable and cozy, with an emphasis on reusing and recycling clothes instead of buying new ones. Shirts and floral dresses that you may find at the back of your closet are perfect for this look.

Boho/Bohemian Look

Boho/Bohemian fashion comes in and out of the fashion world regularly, returning each time with a more modern touch. The style first appeared during the 19th century in Europe when artists immersed their lives with gypsies. The term refers to dressing and styling outside of tradition. The boho look encourages creativity and self-expression. To perfect the boho look, balance is required.

Difference between the Indie and Boho/Bohemian Look

Indie fashion focuses on cozy and comfortable outfits and styles, while bohemian mixes layers and accessories, making it less comfortable for casual wear. Indie fashion features a lot of flannel and floral dresses, whereas the bohemian look has layers and ruffles that can appear messy but fashionable. Indie looks often include rubber shoes for comfort, while boho footwear opts for a more girly look. Accessories for the indie look include headphones, messenger bags, bracelets, and necklaces, while bohemian accessories typically feature big belts, large shades, and scarves.

Now that you understand the basic differences between indie and bohemian looks, you can determine which fashion style you want to embrace. If you prefer a cozier and more casual look, then indie fashion is best suited for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Indie look is cozy and comfortable, while boho is a mix of layers, making it messy yet girly.
  • Indie fashion features flannel shirts and floral dresses, while bohemian fashion has layers and ruffles.
  • Indie shoes are comfortable rubber shoes, while boho footwear includes gladiator sandals and boots.
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