Distinguishing Ipsy & Boxycharm

Key Takeaways

  • Ipsy offers five sample-size cosmetic products worth around $53 for a monthly charge of $10.
  • Boxycharm offers 4-6 full-size cosmetic products worth around $100 for a monthly charge of $21.
  • Both Ipsy and Boxycharm are online monthly cosmetic subscription services with no customization options.

Key Difference – Ipsy vs Boxycharm

Many women use cosmetics, and just like any other products, the online presence of cosmetics distributors has grown rapidly in the past few years. Ipsy and Boxycharm are two modern online cosmetic subscription companies. The key difference between Ipsy and Boxycharm is that Ipsy offers five cosmetic sample products with an average value of around $53 for a monthly charge of $10, while Boxycharm offers 4-6 full-size cosmetic products with an average value of around $100 for a monthly charge of $21.

What is Ipsy?

Ipsy is a company that facilitates monthly online cosmetic subscriptions. Founded in 2011 in California, United States, Ipsy attracts subscribers mainly via social networking sites, video blogging, and referrals from existing members. Every month, subscribers of Ipsy receive a makeup bag of five cosmetic sample products with an average value of around $53 for a monthly charge of $10. The cosmetic container of Ipsy is called the Glam Bag. Sample subscription service of Ipsy currently has over 1.5 million subscribers. Yearly subscriptions are also available at Ipsy for $110, where subscribers can pay upfront and receive one Glam Bag free. Free shipping is also available with Ipsy.

Glam bags contain cosmetics of numerous brands from around the world, including Loreal, Maybelline, Charlotte Tilbury, Tarte, Milani, Smashbox, and ColourPop. The Glam Bag contains different samples from these brands each month, and the Glam Bag received by all subscribers in one month is a uniform one, meaning the products are not customized for each customer.

Ipsy has a system to earn and redeem points that come with the advantage of monthly bonus items in the Glam Bag. Points can be earned and spent by subscribers who have an Ipsy subscription account.

What is Boxycharm?

Similar to Ipsy, Boxycharm is also a monthly cosmetic subscription service that offers products online, which was launched in 2013. Monthly Boxycharm includes between 4-6 full-size and luxury-size products from popular and upcoming cosmetic brands. Subscription per month is $21. Subscribers can enjoy free shipping, and the products are worth over $100 on average. Boxycharm also contains products of different brands, including Tarte, ColourPop, and Cover FX for each month. However, similar to Ipsy, customization is not available with Boxycharm either.

Boxycharm’s earn and redeem points system can be enjoyed by subscribers who have a Boxycharm user account. Points are referred to as charms and are awarded as per the below:

What are the similarities between Ipsy and Boxycharm?

Both Ipsy and Boxycharm are monthly online cosmetic subscription services. They both change their sample/product offering per month, lack customization, and offer free shipping.

What is the difference between Ipsy and Boxycharm?

The difference between Ipsy and Boxycharm attributes to a number of factors, such as the monthly subscription, product type, number of products, and the average value of products. The structure of earning and redeeming points/charms in each also differ significantly. The comparatively higher monthly subscription and average value of products in Boxycharm are due to offering full-size products. However, both Ipsy and Boxycharm are modern online platforms that customers can subscribe to fulfill their cosmetic needs.

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