Distinguishing Irish & English Breakfast Tea

Irish vs English Breakfast Tea

For tea enthusiasts and those looking for a morning pick-me-up alternative to coffee, there are the Breakfast Teas. English and Irish Breakfast Teas are made up of black tea blends and are ideal for accompanying a big breakfast meal. Both are strong brews, providing a somewhat milder alternative to coffee. But what sets English Breakfast Tea apart from Irish Breakfast Tea?

What is English Breakfast Tea?

English Breakfast Tea, one of the most famous tea blends globally and a traditional favorite among the British, originated in Scotland. Historically, the blend consisted of Chinese black tea, specifically Keemun. Over time, with tea cultivation introduced in countries like India and Sri Lanka, English Breakfast Tea’s blend changed. Today, it typically consists of a mixture of teas from Ceylon, Assam in India, and sometimes teas from Kenya. Its flavor is strong and rich, identified as robust or full-bodied. It is best consumed with milk and sugar, though preferences vary among tea drinkers.

What is Irish Breakfast Tea?

Irish Breakfast Tea, simply called “tea” in Ireland, is consumed both in the morning and evening. Fairly similar to English Breakfast Tea, it is generally considered stronger and more robust in flavor. Most Irish Breakfast Tea blends contain a high concentrate of Assam Tea, leaving a sharp, powerful, malty taste on the palette. The use of Assam Tea also contributes to producing a dark, almost red cup color. Irish Breakfast Tea blends are often sold to the United States due to their strong flavor and high caffeine content. It is typically served with milk, but some prefer it plain or with sugar.

Key Takeaways

  • Irish Breakfast Tea has a richer, stronger, and more robust flavor than English Breakfast Tea, which is a bit lighter.
  • English Breakfast Tea contains a mixture of teas from Ceylon, Assam, and Kenya, while Irish Breakfast Tea traditionally contains mostly Assam Tea.
  • Irish Breakfast Tea brew produces a malty taste, and its blend may vary among different tea producers.

There is no strict standard or authority dictating the types of teas that should make up a Breakfast Tea blend. Consequently, while there is a general definition of English or Irish Breakfast Tea blends, the types of tea included may vary among different tea producers. For example, some tea producers add Ceylon and Kenyan teas to their Irish Breakfast Tea blend.

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