Distinguishing Isle & Aisle

Key Difference – Isle vs Aisle

Isle and aisle are homophones, meaning they share the same pronunciation. However, they have different meanings and cannot be used interchangeably. The main difference between isle and aisle lies in their definitions; isle refers to a small island, while aisle indicates a passage between rows of seats in a building.

What is an Isle?

An isle refers to an island, usually a small one, although it can also be used for larger islands. Examples of isles include the Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Isle of Rugen, and the British Isles. The word isle is pronounced as “I’ll,” as the ‘s’ in the middle is silent.

– Coconuts were the main food source of the people on this isle.
– He traveled to the British Isles to meet the world-renowned scientist.
– He bought an isle in the Caribbean ocean.
– The sailor was stranded on a desert isle for four years.
– Many treasure hunters searched the isle for buried treasure.
– They considered this tiny isle as their home.

What is an Aisle?

An aisle refers to a passage between rows of seats in a building, such as a theater, auditorium, or church. Planes, buses, and trains also have aisles. Additionally, it can refer to a passageway for people to walk through, such as supermarket aisles.

– He walked through the aisle.
– I wandered through the aisle, not sure what I wanted to buy.
– The bride walked down the aisle with her big brother.
– My seat was across the aisle from Martin.
– This new plane has wider seats and aisles.

Aisle also has a political context, signifying the imaginary dividing line between parties. Expressions like “crossing the aisle” mean switching political parties, while “reaching across the aisle” means working together.

Key Takeaways

  • Isle refers to a small island, usually a small one.
  • Aisle indicates a passage between rows of seats in a building.
  • Isle does not have any other meanings except island, while aisle has many figurative meanings.
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