Distinguishing Jeans & Pants

When discussing garments that cover the lower body, the word ‘pants’ is universally understood and refers to various types, including trousers, pantaloons, chinos, khakis, and jeans. Although some people perceive jeans as distinct in appearance and feel from traditional trousers or pants, jeans are considered a type of pants. This article will explain the differences between pants and jeans.


Jeans are often seen as rugged and youthful, having a casual and rough feel. They are worn by men and women of all ages worldwide. Originally introduced by Levi Strauss as work pants in the late 19th century, jeans have achieved a cult status unaffected by fashion trends or weather. They are now viewed as versatile trousers suitable for most occasions except formal events or workplace settings. The universal appeal of blue jeans is further strengthened by their popularity among celebrities. Jeans are often regarded as a second skin for young people, especially students, who tend to own multiple pairs. However, despite their distinct identity, jeans remain a type of pants.


Pants, pantaloons, and trousers are terms used for garments traditionally worn by men to cover the lower body. Also known as a pair of pants, these garments cover each leg separately from the waist downward. The term “pants” is a shortened version of pantaloons, which was used in Britain during the colonial period. Pants should not be confused with tight undergarments used by men and women to cover their genitals. While pants have been primarily worn by men throughout history, women have increasingly adopted this garment over the last century.

Key Takeaways

  • Jeans are a type of trouser made from a heavy twill called denim, while pants is a generic term referring to all kinds of trousers worn by men and women.
  • Pants are typically made from lighter fabric than jeans and are more formal in appearance, while jeans have a rugged look.
  • Jeans are mostly blue and feature a basic 5-pocket design, while pants can be any color and have side pockets in addition to back pockets.
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