Distinguishing John from Edward

John and Edward are identical twins who form the Irish pop duo known as Jedward, which has gained popularity not only in Ireland but globally. They rose to fame when they participated as a team in X-Factor in 2009, where they finished in 6th place. Since then, they have been hired by companies for commercials and have accepted various offers. The duo has released several albums and appeared on multiple television shows. They look very similar and have a humorous nature, which often confuses the audience as it is difficult to differentiate between the two. This article aims to highlight the subtle differences between John and Edward.

John and Edward seem to be all over the media, performing on stage, appearing in TV talk shows, selling albums, and doing everything possible to capture the audience’s attention. They are currently a hot topic, and the entire nation is eager to learn more about them.

It is common for people to say that the two are alike, and it is challenging to spot their differences. The duo makes it even more difficult by dressing in the same clothes and adopting the same hairstyle (such as their blonde quiffs). However, those who observe them closely claim that there are subtle physical differences between the two identical twins. Loyal fans have also noticed differences in their personalities.

John vs Edward

  • Both have scar marks on their faces, but John has a scar above his left eyebrow, while Edward has one over his lip.
  • Edward appears slightly taller than John and has overlapping front teeth.
  • John has a right ear that looks pointed.
  • Though both are not great singers, it is easy to spot the differences in their voices.
  • Edward sings in a higher pitch than John.
  • John talks a lot, and Edward seems to be the cleverer of the two.
  • John is 5 ft 11 inches tall, while Edward is an inch shorter.
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