Distinguishing Jubilee & Coronation Events

Jubilee vs Coronation

Although a Jubilee and a Coronation are both considered celebrations, there is a distinction between the two. A public Jubilee is a special event where people commemorate a specific anniversary, such as the reign of a king for a certain number of years. Conversely, a coronation is also a celebration, but the main feature is the crowning of a sovereign. This highlights that a coronation is a celebration that aims to crown a new sovereign, while a public Jubilee celebrates the reign of the sovereign. This article aims to emphasize the differences between a coronation and a public Jubilee while explaining each term.

What is Public Jubilee?

A public Jubilee is a ceremony that marks an anniversary. This is generally a time of festivity and happiness for the people. For instance, when the reign of a monarch for a specific number of years is being commemorated, this is referred to as a public jubilee. When discussing the term jubilee, we often hear variations of this, such as Silver Jubilee, Golden Jubilee, and DiamondĀ Jubilee. A Silver Jubilee celebrates 25 years, a Golden Jubilee celebrates 50 years, and a DiamondĀ Jubilee celebrates 60 or 75 years. In different countries, the duration of the celebration can vary, depending on its significance to the people. In some countries, the celebration is limited to a single day, while in others, it lasts for an entire week. During this time, people participate in festive activities. In the past, people would show their respect and happiness by offering gifts to the sovereign. In some Asian countries, such celebrations include special rituals as well. The aim of these rituals is to bestow the king with a long life. For example, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated the Diamond Jubilee in 2012, which can be considered a public jubilee.

What is Coronation?

A coronation is the crowning of the sovereign of a country. This involves a number of special rituals, such as placing the crown on the new king by a supreme religious figure. Although the concept of coronation has lost its value in the modern world due to the presence of a new political order, in some countries, it is still practiced. For example, in England, this occurs at a symbolic level. A coronation is also a festive time for the people of a country, as it provides hope for prosperity. A coronation symbolizes turning a new leaf for a nation. In a Coronation, certain religious practices and oaths can be observed. This is because, in the past, the king was equated with divine power, which created an image of divinity in the eyes of the people.

Key Takeaways

  • A public Jubilee is a ceremony that celebrates the reign of a monarch, while a Coronation is the crowning of a monarch.
  • Both can be viewed as public events that are celebrated by the people of a country in a grand manner.
  • Once a coronation takes place, the reign of the king is celebrated through public Jubilees.
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