Distinguishing Jumper from Cardigan

Jumper, sweater, cardigan, tunic, pullover, and other similar terms are commonly used for garments worn by men and women worldwide for warmth and comfort. People often get confused between a jumper and a cardigan because of their similarities. However, there are key differences between these two types of garments.

Key Takeaways

  • A jumper is a dress to be worn overhead over another dress, while a cardigan is a full-sleeved knitted garment that is worn over a shirt or T-shirt.
  • A jumper is never open from the front, whereas a cardigan is always open at the front, whether it is buttoned, zipped, or closed using Velcro.
  • In the US, a jumper is understood as a dress worn over another dress by girls and ladies. In Britain, it refers to a pullover or sweater. A cardigan is mostly collarless, though there are collared and sleeveless versions available.


A jumper is a dress mostly worn by girls and ladies, and it is a unique dress that is worn overhead without buttons in front. A jumper is worn over another dress that is visible through the sleeves and collar. The length of a jumper varies, as it can be waist-high or quite long, extending up to the knees or the ankles of the user. Some people say that the word tunic or pinafore better describes this type of dress.

In America, a jumper is seen as a sweater, a unisex term for a knitted garment worn by both men and women for warmth and comfort. A sweater can be made of wool, acrylic fibers, or a blend of the two. In Britain, a jumper may be round neck, v-neck, or even collared.


A cardigan is a term usually used for a woolen garment that is open at the front, in contrast to a pullover or a sweater that has to be worn overhead. A cardigan may have buttons, be zipped, or use Velcro, but the common design characteristic is that it should be open at the front, allowing a person to wear it like a shirt and not a T-shirt or a pullover. It can be collared, but mostly it is V-necked and has full sleeves. However, there are also sleeveless cardigans available. Cardigans are considered more mature and dignified than jumpers and are often seen in offices with executives wearing them over their shirts.

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