Distinguishing Lager & Draught Beers

Lager and draught are terms related to beer, the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage worldwide. While lager is a type of beer, draught beer is not a specific type of beer, contrary to popular belief. This article aims to clarify the differences between the two terms for beer enthusiasts everywhere.


All beers produced globally can be essentially categorized into two primary types: lager and ale. Lager refers to beers that are bottom fermented, with yeast settling at the bottom instead of floating at the top like ales. Lager also requires cold temperatures for fermentation and takes months before it is ready for consumption. The beer becomes a lager during this storage period. “Lagern” is a German word meaning “to store.” Most lager beers are pale or golden in color, although there are dark-colored lagers available. Over 90% of beer produced worldwide is lager beer.

Draught Beer

Draught refers to beer stored in large containers called casks, which have a capacity of 5 gallons or more. The term “draft” is also used to describe this beer, reflecting the historical practice of pulling a hand pump to dispense ale beer from large casks in ancient times. Since draft beer cannot be kept at home and can only be enjoyed in places where it is stored and served, people must go out to drink draft beer. However, some manufacturers market their bottled beer as draft beer because they cold filter the beer instead of pasteurizing it at high temperatures before packaging. This marketing tactic aims to entice customers into believing that the beer they are drinking comes straight from a keg.

Key Takeaways

  • Draft beer foams more than lager beer.
  • Draft beer can be either lager or ale beer, as it is not a type of beer but rather beer stored and served from large kegs and casks.
  • Draft beer can only be enjoyed in pubs and other places where it is served and not at home, whereas lager beer is available in cans and bottles and can be enjoyed anywhere.
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