Distinguishing Love Marriages from Arranged Ones

Love vs Arranged Marriages

The difference between love and arranged marriages is an interesting subject to discuss. Marriage is a contract between two people who agree to stay together for the rest of their lives. They involve two people living with one another and sharing responsibilities and duties. There are two types of marriages in the world today: love marriage and arranged marriage. Love and arranged marriages are completely different contexts, although they do have the marriage factor as common ground.

What is a Love Marriage?

Love marriages occur as a result of romantic relationships and are more common nowadays all over the world. A love marriage is often the result of two people deciding to spend the rest of their lives together due to their mutual affection towards one another. Parental interference is minimal in such matters, as these matters are solely dependent upon the mutual consent of the couple in question.

What is an Arranged Marriage?

In arranged marriages, the partners are chosen by the parents and families of the bride and the groom. The families look into the background of each, comparing status, health, and sometimes habits. Horoscopes also play an integral part in certain countries when it comes to such marriages, as it is considered necessary that the horoscopes of the couple match to a certain extent in order to proceed ahead with the marriage. In some cases, the couple usually does not get to meet until they get married, whereas in others, the couple meets briefly but not excessively. They usually begin to get to know one another during marriage, rather than before.

What is the difference between Love and Arranged Marriages?

Relationships are often complex things and so are marriages. While both love marriage and arranged marriage require a man and a woman to be present, love marriage is an instance when two people enter into marriage as a result of mutual affection. An arranged marriage happens when parents and relations of each party arrange the marriage. In arranged marriages, the couple usually gets to know one another after the marriage. In a love marriage, the couple already knows one another and hence, the affection is already there. In love marriage, parental involvement is at its minimum. In an arranged marriage, parents or relations are responsible for the entire occurrence.

Key Takeaways

  • Love marriage occurs due to mutual affection between two people and minimal parental interference.
  • Arranged marriage involves the parents and families of the bride and groom selecting the partners.
  • In love marriages, the couple knows each other before marriage, whereas in arranged marriages, the couple usually gets to know one another after the marriage.
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