Distinguishing Luke from Jai

In 2011, a group of kids in Australia formed a comedic group called Janoskians (Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation) and started to air their videos on YouTube. The group comprises of five kids: Luke, Jai, James, Daniel, and Beau. People often get confused between Luke and Jai, as they look very similar to each other.

Luke Brooks and Jai Brooks are Australian twins who look almost identical, making it challenging for fans to tell them apart. The Janoskians consist of three real brothers: Beau Brooks, Luke Brooks, and Jai Brooks. Beau is older than Luke and Jai and looks different, but Luke and Jai are identical twins born on May 3rd, 1995. Both are nearly identical, and it is tough for fans to confidently identify if it’s Luke or Jai in their videos.

Luke takes an active part in acting in the pranks and other videos made by Janoskians, and he also performs the editing of the videos. Jai Brooks is left-handed, while Luke is right-handed. Although they are identical twins, Jai Brooks is a few minutes younger than Luke Brooks. Jai is a fan of Justin Bieber and aspires to become a famous singer like him one day.

## Key Takeaways

– Luke Brooks and Jai Brooks are identical twins and members of the Australian comedy group Janoskians.
– Jai is left-handed, while Luke is right-handed, and Luke also handles the editing of the group’s videos.
– Luke has a freckle in the middle of his nose and piercings in his lips and ears, while Jai has a freckle under his right eye and one of his ears pierced.

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