Distinguishing Lustre from Matte

When choosing the finish for your photos, you have various options, including lustre and matte finishes. Both have their unique characteristics and are preferred for different types of photography.

Key Takeaways

  • Lustre finish produces a classic look with smoothness and a slight texture, while matte finish has a more textured, grainy surface.
  • Lustre is suitable for portraits and model photography, whereas matte is preferred for black and white photography.
  • Matte finish is more resistant to fingerprints and glare, while lustre finish provides deeper color saturation and finer details.

Lustre finish creates a timeless look in a photo, with the smoothness of a glossy print and a slight texture reminiscent of a natural pearl. It is loved by photographers for portrait and model photography, as it produces deeply saturated colors with high contrast. Lustre finish resists fingerprints and smudges and is glare resistant, making it ideal for framed photos. This finish is obtained on thick paper and is often the most expensive option.

Matte finish, as the name suggests, has a textured surface that gives the appearance of graininess. This finish is popular for black and white photography, as it produces stunning, classic results. Matte finish resists fingerprints and glare, making it suitable for photos that will be handled by many people. Although it appears dull and does not reflect light, many people love this finish for its subtle quality.

In summary, if you want shine and deeper color saturation, go for lustre. If you prefer a smooth but textured finish, matte is the best choice. Matte is more suited for black and white photography, while lustre is ideal for portraits and model photos. Matte is also better for photos that will be handled often, as it resists fingerprints and scratches. However, if you are looking for finer details, lustre is a better option than matte.

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