Distinguishing Lutheran & Methodist Denominations

Lutheran and Methodist are two significant Protestant denominations within the realm of Christianity. Although they are both Christians and share some similar beliefs, there are key differences between the two groups.

Key Takeaways

  • Lutherans are followers of Martin Luther, who attempted to reform the Roman Catholic Church in 1517, whereas Methodists are credited to Wesley brothers, John and Charles, in the 18th century.
  • Lutherans believe in the supremacy of the Bible, while Methodists focus on avoiding evil, performing kind acts, and abiding by the teachings of God.
  • Methodists are known for their charity work, missionary efforts, and setting up hospitals and schools, while Lutherans emphasize faith.

Lutherans are followers of Martin Luther, who rose in defiance of the Roman Catholic Church in 1517 to reform its dogmas and practices. Luther introduced The 95 Theses to replace beliefs and doctrines in the Roman Catholic Church that he believed were inconsistent with the Holy Bible. The friction between Martin Luther’s followers and the Church grew so large that it finally gave way to the Lutheran Church, a Church of Luther’s followers that believed in the supremacy of the Bible and not Papal supremacy. Lutherans are believed to be the first of the Protestants and are found in most parts of the world today.

Methodism is a part of Protestantism and is represented by many different denominations within Christianity. Methodism is credited to Wesley brothers John and Charles, who were very methodical in religious matters and were given the nickname of Methodists. Charles and John had gone to Georgia as missionaries but were unsuccessful and returned to England in search of answers they had concerning their own faith. Both of them wanted to reform Christianity of its evils and started the movement that led to the beginning of the Methodist Church.

Methodists were concerned with reform within the Church of England but had to establish their own denomination later on. Methodism is based upon the teachings of John Wesley. The basic principles of Methodism are avoidance of evil, indulging in kind acts, and abiding by the teachings of the Almighty God. Methodism is renowned for its missionary work and setting up of hospitals, orphanages, and centers of education.

There are several differences between Lutheran and Methodist denominations, including their origins, beliefs, and practices. Lutheranism is older than Methodism, with its roots dating back to The 95 Theses of its founder Martin Luther in 1521. Methodism, on the other hand, began in the 18th century with the Wesley brothers. Methodists do not approve of alcohol, while Lutherans serve red wine during their communions. Lutherans consider suicide as the most ghastly act against humanity and God, whereas Methodists, though they too do not approve of suicide, are more tolerant of this act.

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