Distinguishing Mesopotamia & Egypt

Mesopotamia vs Egypt

Mesopotamia and Egypt are two distinct civilizations that exhibit differences in terms of their history and growth. Egypt was established on both sides of the River Nile, while Mesopotamia was situated in the fertile area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Although each civilization had different locations, they both had access to water resources. It is believed that both civilizations developed based on water, and agriculture was their primary occupation. In this article, we will explore more information about each civilization and understand the distinctions between them.

More about Egypt

The geographical location of Egypt made it difficult to invade due to the Mediterranean Sea as one boundary and a vast desert as another. Since the Egyptian civilization settled near the Nile River, agriculture played a significant role in its development. Grain was considered a crucial element in Egyptian society, as evident in ancient Egyptian art.

The Egyptian society’s structure was unique, with the female community treated with respect, particularly in higher society. This was mostly because marriage alliances were essential in maintaining the ruler’s power. The respect for women can also be seen in the numerous powerful goddesses in Egyptian religion.

Egypt’s political system was a central government style, with the Pharaoh as the single leader of the Egyptians. The most notable accomplishment of the Egyptians is the construction of the pyramids, massive stone structures built primarily as tombs for their kings. Egyptians strongly believed in the afterlife, so they would place the king’s mummified body in a tomb with all his belongings when he died.

More about Mesopotamia

Although Mesopotamia was also located near a water source, their situation was not stable, as there was not much protection from invaders, leaving the area vulnerable to attacks.

In Mesopotamian society, females were considered property, and there was no gender equality, unlike the Egyptians who treated women well.

The form of government in Mesopotamia was different from that of Egypt, as they adopted a city-state type of government. Each area in Mesopotamia was a separate political fragment, resulting in a significant difference in administrative systems between Mesopotamia and Egypt. Although Mesopotamia had a king, the ruling was more state-based rather than a central power-based governing system.

Advanced metallurgical techniques were applied to bronze, lead, silver, and gold during the Mesopotamian civilization, which is credited with inventing the pottery wheel.

Key Takeaways

  • Both Mesopotamia and Egypt were established around 5000 and 6000 B.C., with Egypt located on both sides of the River Nile and Mesopotamia located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
  • Egyptian society treated women with respect, while Mesopotamian society considered women as property.
  • Egypt had a central government system led by the Pharaoh, whereas Mesopotamia had a city-state type of government with each city functioning as a separate unit, despite having a king.
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