Distinguishing Mineral Water & Soda Water

Water is essential for human survival, making up around 70% of our bodies. Pure water is a colorless and odorless liquid, but there are also mineral water and soda water options on the market, which can be confusing for some consumers. This article examines the differences between these two types of water.

Key Takeaways

Mineral Water

  • Mineral water is so named because of the presence of minerals in it, mainly sourced from natural springs across the globe.
  • It is considered good for health, with people traditionally consuming and bathing in it due to its curative and healing properties.
  • The FDA states that any water containing 250 ppm of dissolved solids can be called mineral water, which does not contain any additives and is sold as is.

Soda Water

  • Soda water is manmade and sold in cans and bottles after carbonation.
  • It contains carbon dioxide and bicarbonate of soda, with some companies adding minerals to make it a healthier substitute for normal water.
  • Soda water is commonly used to add to alcohol to make drinks but can also be consumed on its own.

Differences Between Mineral and Soda Water

  • Mineral water is naturally occurring, while soda water is manmade.
  • Effervescence in mineral water is natural, whereas soda water is carbonated.
  • Mineral water contains many healthful minerals, while only some soda water manufacturers add minerals before bottling.
  • Mineral water must have at least 250 ppm of dissolved solids to be classified as such.
  • Mineral water is generally more expensive than soda water.
  • Soda water is more commonly used as a mixer for alcohol than consumed alone.
  • Sparkling mineral water, which is carbonated, can cause confusion between the two types of water.
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