Distinguishing Mozart & Haydn

Mozart and Haydn are two of the most renowned composers in history. Both originating from Austria, they were friends, although Haydn was older and outlived Mozart, who died at the young age of 35. Mozart’s symphonies are considered masterpieces and his talent is celebrated by musicians worldwide. Haydn, though a talented musician, has remained in Mozart’s shadow throughout his life and is often mentioned as an afterthought. This article aims to explore the differences in their composition styles and lives.

Key Takeaways

  • Haydn was a famous composer before Mozart arrived on the music scene as a child prodigy; he was also the teacher of Beethoven, who is considered to be as great as Mozart in composing music.
  • Both Mozart and Haydn contributed to the development of classical music in the 18th century, working on styles such as symphony, opera, concerto, and string quartet.
  • There were differences in their values and lifestyles, with Haydn being more religious and virtuous than Mozart; this is partly due to their differing upbringing, with Haydn coming from a peasant family and Mozart from a more respected family.
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