Distinguishing Nazi from Neo-Nazi

Nazi vs Neo-Nazi

Under Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship, Germans believed their race to be superior to all others and referred to themselves as Nazis. This belief system led to the mistreatment and persecution of other races, particularly the Jews in Europe. Nazism was a philosophy specific to Germans and involved acts of barbarism against Jews and other minorities. Recently, a similar feeling of superiority has emerged, now referred to as Neo-Nazism. There are some differences between Nazism and Neo-Nazism, which will be discussed in this article.


Accounts from Holocaust survivors during World War II describe the inhumane treatment they experienced at the hands of Germans, who believed themselves to be a superior race. Jews were considered disease carriers and were targeted for extermination in concentration camps. The concept of Nazism was developed by Hitler and Anton Drexler as a way to draw people away from communism and into Nazi nationalism. Jews were innocent victims, but their persecution helped Nazis gain power.


After Germany’s defeat in World War II and Hitler’s suicide, an era of hostility and hatred ended with massive destruction in Germany and millions of Jews killed by Nazis. Many believed that Nazism had ended forever. However, the concept is re-emerging in Germany in the form of hatred against other communities. White Germans are expressing anger against black and immigrant minorities, blaming them for unemployment and economic slowdowns. This attitude and behavior is referred to as Neo-Nazism, as white Germans hold a belief of superiority similar to that of Nazis during World War II.

Key Takeaways
– Nazi refers to the German belief under Adolf Hitler that they were a superior race and treated other races, particularly Jews, with contempt and persecution.
– Neo-Nazism is a modern-day resurgence of this belief in Germany, with white Germans expressing anger and superiority toward black and immigrant minorities.
– While Nazism was a political ideology created by Hitler to unite the population, Neo-Nazism is a belief in racial superiority held by young white Germans.

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