Distinguishing Obama & McCain

We all know who Barack Hussein Obama is. He is the first black and 44th overall President of the US, and perhaps the most powerful man in the world at the moment. However, not everyone remembers the Republican candidate Obama fought against to become the President. Obama defeated John McCain in 2008, and three years later, it has become important to recollect the differences between the two personalities with presidential elections going to take place again in 2012.

Key Takeaways

  • At first glance, the differences between Obama and McCain are obvious: McCain is white and 71, while Obama is black and 47.
  • What makes a difference are their views and thinking on matters that are of vital importance to the country, such as economy, foreign policy, nuclear disarmament, China policy, terrorism, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, homeland security, outsourcing, UN restructuring, unemployment, stimulus packages, social security, taxes, immigration, and more.
  • As the world and the people of America saw and felt during the Presidential election campaign in 2008, the two candidates shared opinions on many issues, though there were stark differences between the two campaigners.
Dmitri Ivanov
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