Distinguishing Ocean Liners & Cruise Ships

People often use the terms “ocean liner” and “cruise ship” interchangeably, but there are several differences between these two types of vessels. While both carry passengers across seas and oceans, their construction, crew, and purposes differ significantly. Understanding these differences will help vacationers know whether they are booking a trip on a cruise ship or an ocean liner.

Ocean Liner

An ocean liner is a large vessel designed to transport passengers and cargo from one destination to another, such as from a European coastline to an American coastline. Ocean liners must be strong enough to withstand various weather conditions, so they are constructed with a significant amount of steel in their hulls. Their bows are narrow and tapered long to cut through water easily. Ocean liners have fixed schedules and routes, requiring more space for fuel and food storage. Their primary objective is sea transport, although luxury holidays have become a part of their offerings.

Cruise Ship

A cruise ship is a vessel built primarily for luxury vacations on water bodies. People enjoy these ships for the scenery and good weather, whether they are sailing or not. Cruise ships are associated with luxury holidays, and they often have the same starting and ending points, sailing through picturesque settings.

Key Takeaways

  • Ocean liners are designed for transportation, while cruise ships focus on luxury vacations.
  • Ocean liners have stronger, heavier hulls made of steel, while cruise ships have lighter hulls.
  • Ocean liners can attain higher speeds and navigate rougher seas than cruise ships.
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