Distinguishing Pancakes, Pikelets, & Crumpets: Key Differences

It’s teatime, and if you’re a Briton, you have a plethora of snack options to choose from, including muffins, pancakes, pikelets, and crumpets. Due to their similarities, people often get confused between pancakes, pikelets, and crumpets. This article aims to examine these tasty treats and explain their differences.


Crumpets are made from yeast-raised bread and are cooked on a griddle or fry pan. Circular molds are used to create these delicious treats, and their tops feature tiny bubbles or openings through which butter seeps when the crunchy cakes are toasted.


Pikelets are a regional variation of crumpets, with some considering them to be thin crumpets since their recipe is the same. The primary difference between the two lies in how they are cooked. The term “pikelet” has Welsh origins, where it means dark and sticky bread. The word is also used in Australia and New Zealand for a similar type of flat cake, which is referred to as a pancake or griddle cake in North America.


Pancakes are thin, flat cakes made from flour mixed with water, milk, and sometimes eggs. The dough is called batter, and in the US, a leavening agent like baking powder is added, whereas, in Britain, the dough is flat.

Key Takeaways

  • Crumpets are popular in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, with similar preparations in the US being called pancakes.
  • Pikelets are thinner than crumpets and are regional variations of them, while pancakes in North America use a leavening agent in the batter.
  • Pancakes are fluffier than pikelets, and while pancakes are eaten hot, pikelets can be enjoyed hot or cold.
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