Distinguishing Parody from Satire

Parody and satire are two English terms that may be confusing, particularly for non-native speakers, due to their similarities. Both parody and satire use wit and humor to entertain, but there are differences between the two that become apparent when watching or reading them.

Parody is a literary work that aims to provide clean fun to readers or audiences by imitating the characteristic style of a writer or literary figure in a humorous manner. The primary goal of a parody is to create a comic effect. Parodies often recreate popular films from the past with added comic elements. Unlike satire, parody does not have an ulterior motive and simply intends to provide comic relief to audiences.

On the other hand, satire includes elements of parody but also incorporates anger and the intent to convey a message across society. Satire provides entertainment while also delivering a message to the audience. Humor is used to make the subject more appealing and palatable to society. Some people may not understand the true point behind satire but can still appreciate the humor. Satire encourages people to think critically about the subject being presented.

Key Takeaways

  • Parody aims for clean fun and laughter, while satire makes people laugh and think.
  • Satire contains a subtle message for society, whereas parody does not intend to induce any change in society.
  • Parody focuses on providing entertainment, while satire sends a serious message wrapped in humor.
Gil Tillard
Gil Tillard
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