Distinguishing Qantas from British Airways

Qantas vs British Airways

Comparing Qantas and British Airways provides an intriguing insight, as both airlines belong to the same alliance. Qantas and British Airways are two prominent airlines worldwide. Qantas is Australia’s national airline, while British Airways is the UK’s largest airline and flag carrier. British Airways is a founding member of the Oneworld alliance, which includes Qantas, American Airlines, and Cathay Pacific. The International Airlines Group, the third-largest airline alliance, was formed following the merger of Iberia, the Spanish national carrier, and American Airlines with British Airways.

More about Qantas Airways

Qantas, also known as The Flying Kangaroo, operates from its headquarters in Sydney and its hub at Sydney Airport. Skytrax awarded Qantas a 4-star rating, and it ranked 7th among the world’s best airlines in 2010. Qantas is the world’s oldest continuously operating airline, having been in operation since 1920. Initially, it was called Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited, or Qantas for short. Qantas is renowned for naming its aircraft after Greek Gods, stars, people in aviation history, and notable Australian birds. Qantas offers economy, business/first-class tickets, and operates flights to 21 international and 20 domestic destinations.

More about British Airways

British Airways, the UK’s largest airline, became a private company in 1987 after being nationalized for 13 years since its founding in 1974. Its headquarters are in Waterside, close to its hub at Heathrow Airport. British Airways also has hubs at Gatwick Airport and London Heathrow Airport. The airline operates flights to around 183 destinations and is one of nine carriers that fly to all six inhabited continents. British Airways used to promote itself using the slogan ‘The world’s Favorite Airline,’ but this was dropped when Lufthansa overtook it in terms of the number of passengers. It now uses the slogan ‘Upgrade to British Airways.’

Both Qantas and BA are known for their excellent customer service and high performance among passengers. However, both airlines have faced challenges due to rising fuel costs and sluggish demand. It is common for passengers to book their ticket through British Airways and find themselves flying on a Qantas plane. The airlines do this to reduce costs, packing customers into a single plane instead of flying with half-empty planes.

Key Takeaways

  • Qantas is Australia’s flag carrier, and British Airways is the UK’s flag carrier.
  • Both airlines have a four-star rating from Skytrax and belong to the Oneworld Alliance.
  • In terms of destinations and fleet size, British Airways leads with 290 aircraft, while Qantas has 130.

The airlines, which were once fierce rivals, have proposed plans for a potential merger to share the skies’ spoils, as they operate on almost the same routes. Following the merger, they hope to reduce administrative costs and back-office expenditure. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you see a jumping Kangaroo draped in a UK flag in the near future.

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