Distinguishing Religion & Cult

Key Difference – Religion vs Cult

Most people know what a religion is: a belief in a supernatural power that governs and controls mortal beings. Throughout history, people have believed in various supernatural forces, worshipping animals and even nature. In modern times, the term “cult” has emerged, which has certain similarities to religion. However, there are subtle differences between the two.

What is Religion?

Religion is a full-fledged system of beliefs and practices about a superior power that controls mortals on earth. Many religions include the worship of a deity or several deities, to whom supernatural abilities are ascribed. In some societies, there are multiple religions, each with its own following of believers. Religion has often been used to explain things that people do not understand, and some experts argue that religion is just a part of a culture. Generally, religions have a code of conduct that followers are expected to adhere to, which is believed to be sanctioned by the gods. Although the need for religion has diminished over time as people have come to understand the world around them, it remains a pillar of strength for many, providing conviction in their beliefs.

What is Cult?

A cult is a system of worship that revolves around a central figure, often followed by a group of people who believe in religious practices that are considered sinister by the majority of the population. This means that a cult does not enjoy popular support and lacks the political power of a religion. The term “cult” has negative connotations, as followers of mainstream religions often view the practices and followers of cults as abnormal. The rites and rituals observed by cult members are notorious for being sinister and vastly different from those followed by the majority.

Key Takeaways

  • Religion is a system of beliefs and practices about a superior power, while a cult is a system of worship that revolves around a central figure.
  • Religion is an organized system followed by the majority of a population, whereas a cult is followed by a small number of people.
  • Religion is revered, while cult is a pejorative term with negative connotations.
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