Distinguishing Revolvers & Pistols

Revolver and Pistol are both widely used handguns for self-defense and by police forces around the world. The revolver is the older of the two, with its technology evolving over time, while the pistol is considered more advanced as it can fire more shots per loading. Revolver enthusiasts and pistol lovers can argue over the advantages and disadvantages of each firearm, but this article will focus on the differences between them based on their technologies.

The revolver was developed by Samuel Colt in 1836 and received its name due to the revolving cylinder that contains cartridges and fires through a single barrel. The pistol, developed around 1885, works on the principle of a mousetrap invented by Stevens Maxim. The Colt 1911, the best-known pistol of all time, uses this mousetrap technology and is still utilized by police personnel in many parts of the world.

Key Takeaways

  • Revolver vs Pistol: The revolver can fire 6 shots at a time, while pistols with magazines of up to 18 shots are available.
  • Effort required: More pressure is needed to fire the first shot with a revolver than with a pistol.
  • Mechanisms: The revolver requires the user to pull back the hammer after every shot, whereas the pistol works on the recoil mechanism of a mousetrap and does not need the hammer to be pulled back.
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