Distinguishing Rimfire from Centerfire

Rimfire and Centerfire are terms used to describe different types of cartridges and the rifles that use them. The main difference between these two types of ammunition lies in the location of the primer. In a Centerfire cartridge, the primer is located at the center of the base, while in a Rimfire cartridge, the priming compound is in the rim, and the entire inside edge of the casing acts as the primer. Understanding these differences is essential for those using firearms for gaming or target shooting.

Key Takeaways

  • Centerfire cartridges are more powerful and can withstand rough usage due to their thicker metal, whereas Rimfire cartridges are less powerful and cannot handle rough usage.
  • Rimfire cartridges are less expensive but cannot be reloaded, while Centerfire cartridges can be reloaded.
  • Rimfire is an older technique and has remained relatively unchanged since its patent in 1831, whereas Centerfire cartridges are more commonly used today for most rifles.
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