Distinguishing Rural & Urban Sociology

Key Difference – Rural vs Urban Sociology

Rural and Urban Sociology are two main sub-disciplines of Sociology, each focusing on different aspects. The primary difference between the two is that Rural Sociology studies rural communities while Urban Sociology focuses on city areas. The former has a close relationship with Environmental Sociology, examining nature and agricultural aspects of rural communities, while the latter was developed after the industrial revolution to study urban areas.

Key Takeaways

  • Rural Sociology studies rural communities, focusing on agricultural, conventional, and cultural aspects.
  • Urban Sociology deals with social issues in metropolitan areas, examining problems, changes, patterns, structures, and processes of urban areas.
  • Karl Marx, Max Weber, and Emile Durkheim are considered pioneers of Urban Sociology, which was developed after the industrial revolution.

What is Rural Sociology?

Rural Sociology is a sub-field of Sociology that primarily studies rural communities and their characteristics, such as agricultural, conventional, and cultural aspects. It is believed to have originated in the United States in the 1900s and focuses on the sociology of food and agriculture. Rural Sociology also examines migration from rural to urban areas, demographic patterns, land policies and issues, environmental concerns, natural resources, and social beliefs and cultural systems. The field often focuses on third-world countries, where there are abundant natural resources and social issues.

What is Urban Sociology?

Urban Sociology deals with social issues that arise in metropolitan areas. It studies the problems, changes, patterns, structures, and processes of urban areas and aims to contribute to planning and policymaking. As the majority of the population lives in cities and many developmental projects are based in urban areas, it is crucial to understand the changes, issues, and effects of developmental processes on society and individuals. Urban sociologists use statistical methods, interviews, observations, and other research methods to conduct their studies. The field mainly focuses on demographic patterns, change of values and ethics, economics, poverty, and racial issues.

What is the Difference between Rural and Urban Sociology?

Rural Sociology studies the societal aspects of rural areas, primarily focusing on agricultural areas, food, culture, and beliefs of rural communities. In contrast, Urban Sociology studies the social aspects of urban areas, with a focus on the economy, poverty, racial issues, and social change.

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