Distinguishing Science from Engineering

Science and engineering are two fields pursued by many students. Some may not fully grasp the differences between these disciplines, possibly due to the fact that engineers also study the scientific subjects that scientists learn. This article aims to clarify the distinctions between science and engineering to help readers decide which path to choose.

Science is about understanding the laws of nature, such as those related to physics and chemistry. It helps us learn about our world and how it functions. We know that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and we understand why we see lightning before we hear thunder. Science enhances our knowledge base by explaining nature to us and teaching us how to solve problems logically. It expands our horizons through a knowledge base created by generations of scientists. The word “science” itself comes from the Latin word meaning “knowledge.”

All our knowledge about climate, environment, rivers, glaciers, mountains, biology, genetics, diseases, medicines, space, evolution, and more falls under the umbrella of science. This knowledge takes the form of testable premises, which is a key characteristic of science. Another notable feature of science is that it is rational, logical, and can be explained and proven.

Key Takeaways

  • Science aims to understand the laws of nature and enhance our knowledge about the universe and our surroundings.
  • Engineering focuses on applying existing scientific knowledge to create new designs and structures, often improving on existing ones.
  • While science is about understanding how things work, engineering uses scientific and mathematical principles to develop better and more efficient structures and designs.

Engineering is the study of the existing body of scientific knowledge to create new designs and structures. It is an application of all the knowledge that science has produced thus far, including completely new designs, as well as learning from past mistakes and creating faster, lighter, more efficient products.

Engineering involves creating new products that improve upon existing designs using the same scientific principles. For example, in the field of mobile phones, we often see new and better devices with new features in the market every few months. This is a result of the hard work, research, and dedication of engineers who are constantly striving to develop better products for us.

To summarize, science is about enhancing our knowledge about the universe and our surroundings in a rational and logical manner, while engineering is the application of this scientific knowledge to create new and better products and designs. Science is concerned with how things work and not necessarily with new technologies. Applied science comes closer to engineering as it focuses on developing products that are more useful and better for human beings. Engineering uses science and mathematical principles to create better and more efficient structures and designs. Engineering can exist without science, as it takes imagination, trial and error, and fantasy to create better products.

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