Distinguishing Shaken & Stirred

Shaken and stirred are two terms that have similar meanings, as both are used to mix the ingredients in a drink and dilute the flavor. These terms are significant for bartenders, as guests often request cocktails that are either shaken or stirred. The phrase “shaken, not stirred” is a popular quote from the fictional character James Bond when ordering his martinis. This article aims to clarify the differences between shaken and stirred cocktails.


Stirred refers to a cocktail prepared by placing the ingredients in a steel jar, then gently mixing them with a spoon. The long spoon should be held between the two middle fingers and rotated along the jar’s circumference for proper mixing.


Shaken refers to cocktails prepared after placing the ingredients inside a jar, covering it with a larger jar, and vigorously shaking it a few times by the bartender.

Key Takeaways

  • In a shaken cocktail, the temperature drops significantly as ice cubes melt and make the drink very cold. In contrast, a stirred cocktail is warmer as ice cubes do not melt enough to make the drink cold.
  • A shaken cocktail is more diluted than a stirred cocktail, which tends to be more flavorful and strong.
  • Shaken drinks are more violent than stirred drinks, and some people believe that shaken gin is “bruised,” while stirring is enough to retain its original flavor.
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