Distinguishing Soup from Stew

During the winter months, both soups and stews become popular dishes due to their warm and comforting nature. Although they may appear similar and include similar ingredients, there are some key differences between the two.


We all enjoy a delicious tomato or chicken soup, particularly in colder weather. Soups are typically served hot and consist of various meats and vegetables cooked in water. They have a thin broth that may or may not contain chunks of ingredients. Soups can also be served cold, especially fruit-based soups. The main goal when making soup is to extract the flavors of the ingredients into the broth. Soups are classified as thick or clear, and in both cases, meats or beans are cooked in liquid and served in a bowl to be eaten with a spoon.


Stews, such as chicken or lamb stew, are dishes containing large chunks of meats or vegetables cooked in a liquid base. While stews also have a broth similar to soup, they are considered a main course rather than an appetizer like soup. To make a stew, you should use the harder parts of the bird or animal and cook them in water with added vegetables or stock. For example, you can use the wings, drumsticks, backbone, and neck of a bird to make a stew.

Key Takeaways:
– Stews are always served hot, while soups can be served hot or cold.
– Soups are generally thinner than stews, and clear soups are strained, while stews are not.
– Stews are served as a main course, while soups are typically served as appetizers.

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