Distinguishing Starters & Entrees

Key Difference – Starter vs Entree

Starter and entree are two terms often used in formal full course dinners, consisting of several dishes or courses such as appetizers, fish course, starters, entree, main course, and dessert. The meaning of these two words can sometimes be confusing due to differences in British and American English. In British English, a starter is the first course of a meal, while an entree is a dish served before the main dish. However, in American English, a starter is an appetizer and an entree is a main course or dish.

What is a Starter?

The term starter is typically used in British English and refers to a small dish served before the meal or between two principal courses. It is usually the first course in a meal and can be served hot or cold. In American English, this is known as an appetizer. Starters are often served on small appetizer plates and feature small cuts of meat, starches, seasonal vegetables, and sauces. Examples include smoked mackerel pate, Greek salads, watercress soup, crab cakes, steamed oysters, and chicken Caesar salad. The word starter is also sometimes used to refer to hors d’oeuvre, which is a small and light dish served before the meal.

What is an Entree?

The term entree has two meanings. In French cuisine and in English-speaking parts of the world except North America and Canada, entree refers to the dish served before the main meal or between two principal meals. Entrees in the French meaning are often considered half-sized versions of the main meals and are more substantial than hors d’œuvres. This is similar to a starter in British English and appetizer in American English. A meal can have more than one entree. In American English, entree refers to the main course of a meal, which is the heaviest and heartiest dish on the meal. It usually contains fish, meat, or another protein source as its main ingredient. The term entree comes from French and originally refers to the entry of the dishes from the kitchen to the dining room.

What is the difference between Starter and Entree?

In British English, a starter is the first dish in a meal, and an entree is the dish served before the main meal. In American English, a starter is known as an appetizer, and an entree is the main course of a meal.

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