Distinguishing Tandoor & Oven: A Comparison

Key Difference – Tandoor vs Oven

Tandoor and oven are two cooking appliances with distinct features and uses. An oven is an enclosed, insulated chamber designed for heating food, while a tandoor is a specific type of oven made from clay, primarily used in Asian and Middle Eastern countries. The main difference between the two is that an oven is fully enclosed, while a tandoor has an opening at the top for ventilation.

What is an Oven?

An oven is an enclosed, insulated chamber used for heating, baking, and roasting food. Typical foods prepared in an oven include casseroles, meats, and baked goods such as bread, cakes, puddings, and biscuits. Ovens can also be used for pottery, masonry, and metalwork. There are several types of ovens based on their function and power source, such as electric ovens, gas ovens, brick ovens, and microwave ovens. All these ovens regulate the temperature of their inner chamber. The most common cooking method in an oven involves providing heat from below, used for baking and roasting. Some ovens can also provide heat from the top for grilling. In a regular oven, the temperature is distributed evenly throughout the chamber.

What is a Tandoor?

Tandoors are unique ovens used in Asian and Middle Eastern countries. They are cylindrical, with an open top for access and ventilation, and made from clay with an insulating material such as mud or concrete on the outside. Traditionally, a fire was built at the bottom of the tandoor, exposing the food to live-fire. Tandoors can reach temperatures of up to 900° Fahrenheit (≅ 480° Celsius) and can be either large permanent structures in a kitchen or small portable ovens. Foods cooked in a tandoor include flatbreads, alochi aloo, tandoori chicken, samosas, kalmi kababs, and peshwari seekh. Flatbreads like naan and lachcha parathas are cooked by slapping them against the sides of the oven, while meats are typically cooked on long skewers placed over the mouth of the oven or inserted directly into it.

What is the difference between Tandoor and Oven?

– Tandoor is a special type of oven used in Asian and Middle Eastern countries.
– Oven is an enclosed insulated chamber that is used to heat and cook food.

– Tandoor has an open top.
– Ovens have fully enclosed chambers.

– Tandoor is used to make flatbreads, meat, samosas, etc.
– Ovens are used to prepare meat, casseroles, and baked goods.

– Tandoors are made of clay.
– Ovens used in modern kitchens are usually made of metals.

Key Takeaways

  • Ovens are enclosed, insulated chambers that evenly distribute heat and are used for a variety of cooking methods, while tandoors are clay ovens with open tops for ventilation that are primarily used in Asian and Middle Eastern countries.
  • Tandoors are used to cook flatbreads, meats, samosas, and other traditional dishes, while ovens are used for casseroles, baked goods, and other general cooking tasks.
  • Ovens used in modern kitchens are typically made of metals, while tandoors are made from clay with insulating materials like mud or concrete on the outside.
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