Distinguishing Taverns & Pubs

Tavern vs Pub

There are numerous types of establishments that were primarily created for people to consume alcoholic beverages. Throughout different places and eras, various words have been used to describe these drinking establishments, such as inns, bars, pubs, taverns, and so on. Each of these terms carries subtle differences in connotations and contexts, which is why there isn’t a single word for all drinking establishments. People often get confused between taverns and pubs, which are both establishments primarily meant for serving customers alcoholic drinks.


A pub, short for Public House, is central to the cultures of the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and nearby areas. In the past, there were many pubs in rural areas of these countries, but their numbers have been steadily declining. Having a drinking place in a village served a special role in the community, which has diminished with society’s acceptance of drinking. In earlier times, pubs often had frosted glasses to prevent outsiders from seeing inside. However, in recent times, pubs have adopted brighter d├ęcor and clear glasses in windows to keep up with changing times.


A tavern is a business establishment similar to a pub, where alcoholic drinks are served to customers. In addition to drinks, taverns also offer food to customers, though they do not provide lodging for guests. In some places, a tavern serves the same purpose as a pub, while in others, there may be variations in their functions depending on cultural influences.

Key Takeaways

  • Both pubs and taverns are drinking establishments, with pubs primarily influenced by British culture and taverns by American culture.
  • Pubs typically serve alcoholic and soft drinks only, while taverns are also known to serve food. However, there is no strict rule regarding food in taverns.
  • Neither pubs nor taverns offer lodging facilities for guests. People below the legal drinking age may be allowed in a tavern if food is served, while they are generally not allowed in pubs.
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