Distinguishing Tight & Loose

Tight and loose are terms that pertain to the overall fit of an object in relation to another object it is trying to fit into or contain. They primarily deal with articles of clothing, but can also be used in various other contexts.

Tight is defined as fixed or firmly fastened in place, fully stretched, or fitting close to the skin. It is used to describe anything that is fastened to something or worn, such as a tight shirt or a tight grip. In slang, tight can also mean very good or emotionally close.

Loose, on the other hand, is defined as not fastened or fixed in place and refers to the way clothing fits a person. It describes the state of anything that was supposed to be fastened to something or the way clothes fit. In slang, loose means being relaxed and tranquil or can describe someone with little sexual restraint.

Key Takeaways

  • Tight means fixed or firmly in place, fully stretched, or fitting close to the skin; in slang, it means very good or emotionally close.
  • Loose means not fastened or fixed in place and not tight-fitting; in slang, it means relaxed or calm.
  • Tight and loose are opposites in terms of fit and fastening, but have unrelated meanings in slang.
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Gil Tillard
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