Distinguishing TV Series from Movies

TV series and movies are popular entertainment forms for many people. The significance of TV shows, also known as soap operas, has grown tremendously, capturing the audience’s imagination. Actors and actresses in these series have become as famous and wealthy as movie stars. However, there are still significant differences between TV series and movies.

## Key Takeaways
– Movies are creative concepts of directors aimed at providing entertainment and enjoyment while showcasing the stars’ acting talent in unique ways. Their success is measured by the number of people who go to watch them in cinemas.
– TV series, on the other hand, are designed to sell products through commercials, which are crucial for funding the series. To keep viewers engaged, TV series must be entertaining, which has led to significant improvements in their quality.
– Differences between TV series and movies include their purpose (selling products vs. entertainment), the concepts they are based on (trending topics vs. creative ideas), and their format (35 mm for TV series vs. 70 mm for movies).

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