Distinguishing Twill & Poplin Shirts

Key Difference – Twill vs Poplin Shirts

Twill and poplin are two common fabrics that are used to manufacture shirts. The difference between twill and poplin shirts stems from the difference between the two fabrics twill and poplin. The key difference between twill and poplin shirts is that twill shirts are thicker and sturdier than poplin shirts, which are soft and comfortable.

What are Twill Shirts?

Twill shirts are made of twill fabric, which is easy to recognize due to its distinctive diagonal weave. This diagonal texture makes the fabric softer and easier to drape. Twill fabric has a tight weave and comes with an extremely high thread count. It may also have a light shine, depending on the color, weave, and cotton used. Twill fabric is warmer and thicker than poplin, but not as breathable, although twill shirts can be worn under jackets. These shirts tend to wrinkle easily, and it is difficult to remove stains from the fabric, although it doesn’t attract dirt easily. Twill shirts can be worn for a casual look with jeans and trainers and are thicker and sturdier than poplin shirts.

What are Poplin Shirts?

Poplin shirts are made from a plain weave of fine yarns, creating a smooth, soft, and durable fabric. Poplin, often referred to as broadcloth (although technically different), is the most common fabric used to make shirts. Poplin shirts are among the softest and smoothest due to their lack of texture, but they are more prone to wrinkling. However, they can retain their smoothness after being ironed. Poplin fabric is thin and breathable, making poplin shirts comfortable to wear under jackets or blazers. However, this fabric, especially in white, can be slightly transparent due to its thinness. Poplin shirts are very comfortable and soft, perfect for casual wear, and can easily accommodate different colors and patterns.

What is the difference between Twill and Poplin Shirts?

The main differences between twill and poplin shirts are the fabrics from which they are made, the weave pattern, texture, breathability, and transparency. Twill shirts have a diagonal weave, a tight weave with an extremely high thread count, and are thicker and sturdier than poplin shirts. Poplin shirts have a plain weave, a smoother, thin weave, and are soft, smooth, and more breathable than twill shirts. Twill shirts are not transparent, while poplin shirts, particularly white ones, may be slightly transparent.

Key Takeaways:

  • Twill shirts are thicker and sturdier than poplin shirts, which are soft and comfortable.
  • Twill fabric has a distinctive diagonal weave, while poplin fabric has a plain weave.
  • Poplin shirts are more breathable and can be worn under jackets and blazers, while twill shirts are not as breathable.
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