Distinguishing Urgent from Important

Urgent vs Important

Understanding the distinction between urgent and important is valuable, as these two words are frequently used in formal situations and can sometimes be confused. According to the Oxford English dictionary, urgent and important are distinct words with different meanings. Urgent is used to describe something that requires immediate action or attention, while important refers to something of great significance or value. Both words function as adjectives.

What does Urgent mean?

Urgent implies that something requires immediate action or attention. Whatever is urgent demands a prompt response without delay, whether that response involves taking action or providing a reply. For example, consider the following sentences:

This letter requires an urgent reply.
The manager called for an urgent meeting.
The patient was admitted to the hospital for an urgent checkup.

In each of these examples, the word urgent conveys the need for immediate action or attention.

What does Important mean?

Important is used to describe something of great significance or value. Unlike urgent, important does not imply immediacy. Consider the following examples:

This is an important decision to make, so think carefully before you decide.
Lancelot was an important knight of King Arthur.

In these sentences, the word important signifies that the decision or person holds great significance or value.

It is worth noting that something can be both important and urgent, but that does not mean that the two words have the same meaning. Sometimes, decisions of great significance must be made immediately, in which case you could say that the decision is both important and urgent.

Key Takeaways

  • Urgent refers to something that requires immediate action or attention.
  • Important describes something of great significance or value.
  • Both urgent and important are used as adjectives, but they convey different meanings.
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