Distinguishing Weaver & Picatinny Rail Systems

Weaver vs Picatinny

Weaver and Picatinny are mounting rails used to attach accessories to firearms like rifles and shotguns, most commonly telescopic sights. While they are similar and often used interchangeably, there are subtle differences between the two rail systems.


Weaver is a rail mount developed in 1930 by a company of the same name to help people attach standardized accessories to firearms like rifles. Prior to this rail mount, screws had to be tightened to attach telescopic sights to rifles. Weaver rail mounts feature 3.8mm wide slots that securely hold the telescopic sight to the rifle, eliminating the need for screws.


Picatinny rail mounts are standardized mount systems used on firearms to allow users to attach telescopic sights and other accessories. Originally designed for telescopic sights, the bracket was further developed to allow for the attachment of bayonets, night vision devices, and laser aiming accessories.

Weaver vs Picatinny

Key Takeaways

  • Though their profiles are almost identical, it can be difficult to locate differences between Picatinny and Weaver rail mounting systems.
  • Weaver was developed before Picatinny and has continuous rails, while Picatinny has slots in its mounts.
  • A Picatinny rail can be used on firearms that have been using Weaver, but the two are not entirely interchangeable; some people using Picatinny find that Weaver rail mounts do not fit easily on their firearms.
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