Eurail Global Pass vs. Eurail Select Pass: What’s the Difference?

Eurail Global Pass vs Eurail Select Pass

When planning a trip to Europe, traveling by Eurorail can be an efficient and cost-effective way to explore European countries. There are various passes available that offer different features and facilities, with the Eurail Global Pass and Eurail Select Pass being two popular options. This article will discuss the characteristics of these two passes to help non-European travelers make an informed decision based on their needs.

Having a suitable pass allows travelers to board a train and enjoy the amenities without needing to purchase tickets for each journey. Passes can be valid for multiple interconnected countries, making it easy to travel from city to city.

What is Eurail Global Pass?

The Eurail Global Pass is ideal for those traveling to numerous European countries, as it provides access to 28 countries across the continent. This pass allows travelers to visit historical sites and modern entertainment destinations throughout Europe. Additionally, the Global Pass offers free or heavily discounted travel on some of Europe’s famous shipping lines. This pass is flexible, with options for different validity categories and durations.

What is Eurail Select Pass?

The Eurail Select Pass is better suited for travelers planning to visit up to four European countries. With this pass, travelers can choose up to four adjoining countries, with nearly 7,500 possible combinations. Popular destinations include France, Germany, and Switzerland, as well as newer European destinations like Romania, Croatia, Hungary, or Greece. Selecting adjoining countries helps avoid additional charges incurred when crossing non-selected countries. The Select Pass also has different validity periods, starting from five days within two months.

What is the difference between Eurail Global Pass and Eurail Select Pass?

Eurorail passes offer travelers flexibility and convenience when exploring Europe, with significant savings compared to purchasing individual tickets.

Key Takeaways

  • Global Pass is for those who plan to travel throughout Europe, while Select Pass is for those who wish to visit selected European countries.
  • Global Pass connects 28 European countries, while Select Pass allows travelers to select up to four countries from among 26 options.
  • Eurail Global Pass is generally more expensive than Eurail Select Pass due to the larger number of countries covered and extended validity periods.
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Dmitri Ivanov
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