Exploration Versus Exploitation: Understanding the Distinction

Key Difference – Exploration vs Exploitation

Although the words exploration and exploitation appear similar when one pays attention to the spellings of the two words, a difference can be observed between these words in terms of meaning. Let us first define the two words. Exploration can refer to traveling through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it. On the other hand, Exploitation refers to using or treating someone or something unfairly, or making the full use of a resource. When we examine the meanings of the two words, there is a clear difference between exploration and exploitation since exploration refers to a process of learning of the unfamiliar and exploitation refers to making use of or treating something or someone unfairly. Through this article let us further explore the difference between exploration and exploitation.

What is Exploration?

Let us begin with the word exploration. Exploration can refer to traveling through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it. Exploring something whether it a piece of land or something that it unfamiliar is often a very challenging as well as an exciting experience. As we look at the history of our world, there have been many explorations into the unknown lands through both land and sea.
The key feature of exploring something is that it allows the person to learn something new on his journey. A person who engages in this process of exploring is known as an ‘explorer’. While being an explorer is exciting and challenging it can be dangerous as well. Especially in the exploration of large forests and foreign lands there is a risk of wild animals. Here are some examples of the word exploration.
The exploration of the wilderness proved to be a true challenge.
Although the exploration of the foreign land was exciting, the men had their fears.
Explore is the verb of exploration.
Would you like to explore that part of the forest?
I wanted to explore the entire field but was unable to do so.
Exploration can also refer to examining something.
Before coming to any conclusions why don’t we explore it a bit more?
He wished to explore the tomb further.

What is Exploitation?

Now let us focus on the word exploitation. Exploitation refers to using or treating unfairly. This word is used widely in industrial settings to refer to employees who are being exploited by the employer. This entails making the employee work in harsh conditions and not compensating accordingly for the work that he did. In the modern world, there are a number of rules and regulations that protect the rights of the worker and prevent him from being exploited. It is believed that in third world countries exploitation of labor is much greater than in the developed world.
The labour unions spoke of the exploitation of the poor workers.
Exploitation of labour was part of the Capitalist system.
It can also be used to refer to making the full use of a resource.
We need to exploit the land for a better harvest.
They decided to exploit the minerals for their product.
As you can observe, exploit is the verb of exploitation.

What is the difference between Exploration and Exploitation?

Definitions of Exploration and Exploitation:
Exploration: Exploration can refer to traveling through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it.
Exploitation: Exploitation refers to using or treating unfairly, or else making the full use of a resource.
Characteristics of Exploration and Exploitation:
Exploration: Exploration is a noun.
Exploitation: Exploitation is a noun.
Exploration: Explore is the verb of exploration.
Exploitation: Exploit is the verb of exploitation.

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