Fajita vs Taco: What’s the Difference?

Fajitas and tacos are popular Mexican dishes that have become well-loved around the world, especially in the southern state of Texas where they are part of TexMex cuisine. Although they may look similar, being meat preparations wrapped in tortillas, there are distinct differences between fajitas and tacos.

Fajita is a Spanish word that translates to “little belts” and refers to a cut of beef, specifically the steak portion of the cow that is served grilled. This cut of meat is long and narrow, resembling a belt. The meat is marinated in spices and then barbecued, served with onions and pepper either on its own or wrapped in a flour tortilla, which is then called a fajita.

Taco is another well-known Mexican dish made of a corn or wheat flour tortilla filled with meats or vegetables. Tacos are crispy, created on a frying pan, and filled with minced beef along with lettuce and cheese. The filling for a taco can vary and include chicken, beef, or pork, as well as vegetables and grated cheese.

Key Takeaways

  • Fajita refers to a specific cut of beef that is marinated, grilled, and can be served wrapped in a tortilla, while taco refers to a corn or wheat flour tortilla filled with various ingredients.
  • A fajita can be considered a taco if wrapped in a tortilla, but a taco cannot be called a fajita.
  • Tacos have a crispy outer shell and can contain various fillings, while fajitas can be served without a shell and typically consist of grilled beef, onions, and peppers.
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