Fajitas vs. Burritos: A Comparison


1. Fajitas are a Mexican dish consisting of barbecued meat wrapped in a cornmeal omelet, while burritos are filled with beans, meats, or vegetables inside a wheat flour tortilla.
2. The main difference between fajitas and burritos lies in the way the filling is wrapped inside the tortilla, with fajitas completely sealed and burritos having an opening at one end with a deep pocket at the other end.
3. While fajitas originally used beef as the filling, chicken and pork are also commonly used today.


Burritos, tacos, and fajitas are popular Mexican food items served in fast food restaurants. However, many people find it difficult to distinguish between fajitas and burritos due to their similarities. This article aims to highlight the differences between the two dishes, helping readers identify and confidently order them at restaurants.


Fajitas are delicious Mexican dishes consisting of barbecued meat served on a cornmeal omelet or wrapped inside it. Different parts of the world use variations of meats, with beef being the traditional choice. However, chicken and pork are also commonly used. Fajitas are spicy and hot and are typically enjoyed with condiments such as sour crème, cheese, or tomatoes. The name “fajita” comes from a cut of beef, although it can now be made with chicken or pork as well.


Burritos are Mexican food items made by filling tortillas made of wheat flour with beans, meats, or other vegetables, and serving them hot with condiments. The name “burrito” translates to “little donkey” in Spanish, possibly because the rolled and wrapped shape resembles a donkey’s ears. In some parts of Mexico, burritos are also referred to as “taco de harina”.

Differences between Fajitas and Burritos

• Both fajitas and burritos are spicy Mexican dishes with fillings wrapped inside a tortilla.
• The main difference lies in the way the filling is wrapped. Fajitas have a sealed wrapper, while burritos have an opening at one end with a deep pocket at the other end.
• While traditional fajitas were made with beef, chicken and pork are also commonly used today.

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