Google Hangout vs Skype Video Call: What’s the Difference?


Google recently launched their social network, Google+, which is a competitor to Facebook. Skype is currently the most popular video calling software in the world. However, Google+ Hangout, a video chat feature of Google+, is gaining popularity due to its group chatting ability. Some believe that Skype may lose users to Google+ Hangout in the future. In response, Skype has partnered with Facebook to offer Skype-powered video calls within the platform.

What is Skype Video Call?

Skype is a software application that allows users to make video calls over the internet. Users need to install the Skype client software and create a free account. Calls between registered Skype users are free. However, videoconferencing with multiple users requires a premium account for a fee. There are also mobile applications that support Skype on mobile phones.

What is Google Hangout?

Google+ Hangout is a video calling feature that allows group chat. It is free for Facebook users and up to 10 people can join a single Hangout session. The video stream automatically focuses on the person currently talking. It is ideal for group chats or team calls, but may not be as convenient for one-on-one video chats. Google has not developed a mobile application for Google+ Hangout yet.

What is the difference between Google Hangout and Skype Video Call?

Google+ Hangout offers free group video chat, while Skype Video Call charges for videoconferencing. Google+ Hangout does not require software installation, unlike Skype. Hangouts are displayed on the feeds of the circles it is open to, allowing anyone in those circles to join or leave the Hangout. The main window of Google+ Hangout automatically displays the person currently talking, unlike Skype. Additionally, YouTube videos can be watched together during Hangouts, which is not possible in Skype. Google+ Hangout is not available on mobile phones yet.

Key Takeaways

– Google+ Hangout offers free group video chat, while Skype Video Call is a paid service for videoconferencing.
– Google+ Hangout can be used without installing a software client, while Skype requires the installation of the Skype client software.
– Google+ Hangout automatically displays the person currently speaking, unlike Skype Video Call.

Dmitri Ivanov
Dmitri Ivanov
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