Understanding the Difference Between Infrared & Induction Cookers

Infrared cookers are kitchen appliances that cook food without using radiation. They provide fast cooking, consume less energy, and do not require a specific type of cookware. Infrared cookers heat up slowly, but the heat is evenly distributed, providing evenly cooked food. While they are considered less safe than induction cookers, they are more durable and slightly more difficult to clean.

Key Takeaways

  • Infrared cookers do not use radiation and are more durable than induction cookers.
  • Induction cookers use radiation and are more energy-efficient than infrared cookers.
  • Induction cookers heat up quickly but are less durable and require specific cookware.

An induction cooker is a kitchen appliance that cooks food using radiation. It works by heating the actual pot through electromagnets, making the pot hot but not the stove surface. This method is faster than most other cooking techniques, but it requires induction-rated cookware made of iron or stainless steel. Induction cookers are considered safer but are less durable and easier to clean than infrared cookers.

In summary, the main difference between infrared and induction cookers is that infrared cookers do not use radiation while induction cookers do. Additionally, induction cookers are more energy-efficient than infrared cookers.

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