Understanding the Distinction: Nationalism versus Patriotism


Nationalism and patriotism are two terms that describe individual relationships towards nations. While both involve love for one’s country, there are key differences between the two. Nationalism focuses on the unification of a nation based on cultural and linguistic equality, while patriotism is rooted in love for a nation’s values and beliefs.

Differences Between Nationalism and Patriotism

1. Nationalism is often seen as the worst enemy of peace, as it promotes the belief that one’s country is superior to others. On the other hand, patriotism does not breed enmity towards other nations, but rather strengthens admiration for one’s own country.

2. Patriotism is based on affection, while nationalism is rooted in rivalry and hatred. Patriotism promotes peace, while nationalism fosters militancy and enmity.

3. A nationalist believes that their country is the best, while a patriot believes their country is one of the best and can improve with effort and hard work.

4. Patriotism is considered a common property and is equal all over the world, while nationalism prioritizes the people of one’s own country. Patriotism is expressed passively, while nationalism is aggressive in its concept.

In summary, while both nationalism and patriotism involve love for one’s country, nationalism often leads to hostility towards other nations, while patriotism promotes love and admiration without enmity.

Key Takeaways

1. Nationalism and patriotism are two terms that show differences between them even though both are concerned with individual relationships towards nations.
2. Nationalism gives a feeling that one’s country is superior to another in every aspect and is often described as the worst enemy of peace.
3. Patriotism is rooted in affection, peace, and admiration towards one’s own country, whereas nationalism is rooted in rivalry, hatred, and militancy.

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